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Child ID: FAC5851 | Educational Level: GR7
Monthly Donation of $38 OR One-Time Donation of $456

Jan 15, 2003 | Female | Reading books | Board Games

Cyrel Jan, 13 years old is a responsible and hardworking student. She is the eldest of the 4 children. One of her siblings passed away. She lives with her mother and 2 siblings.

Cyrel Jan’s mother raises them solely when her father died. She work as a laundrywoman. Her mother can only earn money when there is someone who calls her to do laundry. If her mother is lucky, she can earn at most $16 a week. Cyrel helped her mother in housework and she took care of her younger siblings when her mother works. When she graduated in elementary, her mother was worried because she could not afford to send her for further education. As a result, she grabs the opportunity of studying high school free of cost at  the Sisters of Mary of Banneux boarding school. This means being far from her family.

She actively cooperates in their daily class activities. She faithfully follows the rules and regulations of the school. She dreams of becoming a chef.

Your sponsorship would greatly help reach her dreams and her family. Thank you for your LOVE!

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