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Child ID: FAC5856 | Educational Level: GR7 | Province: Cavite
Monthly Donation of $38 OR One-Time Donation of $456

Apr 28, 2004 | Female | Drawing | Badminton

Marielle is kind and obedient. She is 12 years old. She is the youngest of the 3 children. Her sisters are also studying right now.

Marielle’s father is a factory worker with an income of $27 a month. His working days are only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Her mother does the chores in their house and they help their mother in the chores.  They are the ones who go to market and buy their food. On Sunday, the children would go to church to sing. They are choir members. Her aunt who is a teacher is the one who gives her money in school. When Marielle has savings, she would give it to her mother as an additional for their budget. She knows that her parents will have difficulty if they will shoulder her studies in high school so she voluntarily leave her family to pursue free education at  the Sisters of Mary of Banneux boarding school.

She participates well during discussions. She is Best in Catechism in their class this first quarter. She is a member of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Club. She wishes to become an architect.

Your sponsorship would greatly help her education and her family. Thank you for your LOVE!

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