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Child ID: FAC5866 | Educational Level: GR7 | Province: Cavite
Monthly Donation of OR One-Time Donation of $456

May 24, 2002 | Female | Reading books | Volleyball

Angelika Louise is a strong 14 year old despite her situation. Her parents are separated and her mother passed away when she was young. Angelika has no siblings and she lives with her grandparents. Her grandfather works as a farmer earning $8 per week. Sometimes, he would go fishing so that they can have food. Her grandmother is the one who takes care of her. She helped her washing the dishes, sweeping the floor and doing the errands. She does not want her grandfather to work harder anymore in order to pay for her education so Angelika chooses to be far from her recognized parents to have free high school education.

She wants to finish her studies to help them in the future. Angelika is Top 1 in their section with an average of 89.22% this first quarter. She is also recognized in their class as Best in Math, English, Christian Living and Social Studies. In addition, she is the representative of ICT Wizard Club in Personal Computer Operation (PCO) and a volleyball player. She dreams of becoming a doctor sooner.

Your scholarship would greatly help her and her family. Thank you for your LOVE!

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