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Child ID: FAC6252 | Educational Level: GR7 | Province: CAVITE

Jul16, 2003 | Female | READING | VOLLEYBALL

Rapunzel, 13 years of age, is a brave and joyful student. She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Two of her siblings already have their own families though one of them is not married legally. Two other siblings are living in another place because of work. Her father is a fisherman and earns $5 per week. Her mother stays at home and does the house chores. Rapunzel helps her mother in taking care of her younger siblings and cleaning the house. The income of her father is not enough to provide for their needs. It would be more difficult for them if she continues to attend school. Rapunzel is participative in class. Also, she is a member of Book Lovers Club and Math Club. She wants to become a policewoman in the future.

A monthly donation of $38 OR one-time donation of $456 will help support RAPUNZEL S's education and make her dream become reality.

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