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Child ID: PDR5953 | Educational Level: GR6 | Province: Negros Occidental

Oct 6, 2001 | Female | Drawing | Badminton

Madel is an active member of Kids for Christ in the Island of Sipaway. She is very industrious both in school and at home. When she has no class she helps her mom taking care of her baby brother. She has four siblings. One brother stopped schooling to work as a helper in a bakery in order to bring additional income for the family. Her father works as motorcab driver. Both income is not enough for all of them where three are studying. The mother stays at home for she has a ten-month old baby. Madel feels the hardship in life but keeps on aspiring that someday she will reach her goal, to become a teacher in their island.

A monthly donation of $38 OR one-time donation of $456 will help support MADEL's education and make her dream become reality.

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