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Child ID: PDR5954 | Educational Level: GR4 | Province: Negros Occidental

Jan 10, 2007 | Female | Reading | Volleyball

Mherel is a shy girl but an intelligent one with a weighted general average of 87% in her report card. She has one sibling. Her family lives in her grandmother’s house who is taking care of them because her mother is suffering a nervous breakdown. Her father is a fisherman, who goes out to the sea in the evening and come home early morning. If the catch is plenty, the father can bring rice and groceries for the day, but if there is none, the grandmother will buy food from her little income as dressmaker. Mherel takes care of gathering firewood after school and helps the grandma in cleaning the house. It is so painful for her to see her mom in this situation every time she is home. She said to herself that she would like to become a nurse in the future to take care of her mother and the sick people in the island.

A monthly donation of $38 OR one-time donation of $456 will help support MHEREL's education and make her dream become reality.

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