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Child ID: PDR5955 | Educational Level: GR6 | Province: Negros Occidental

Apr 5, 2005 | Male | Reading | Volleyball

Yogen Earl is an intelligent boy having a weighted average of 88% as reflected in his report card. He loves to read books and read stories to his younger sister, Janine. His father has to leave early to the city working as traffic aide and going home late to the island. When his father has no work, he goes to the sea fishing for their food. His mother stays at home taking care of the household chores. With the meager income of his father less the transportation expenses in going to the city to work, Yogen Earl cannot sometimes buy the materials for his school projects. Relying on his father’s income, it is impossible for him to realize his dream of becoming an engineer someday BUT with your help, it will come true.

A monthly donation of $38 OR one-time donation of $456 will help support YOGEN EARL's education and make his dream become reality.

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