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Child ID: PDR5967 | Educational Level: GR7 | Province: Negros Occidental

Aug 13, 2002 | Male | Drawing | Basketball

Lorenz Carlo is trying his best to study hard to reach his dream of becoming a Policeman in the future. He is very helpful both in school with his classmates and at home with his mother doing household chores. He has three siblings, all are studying. His father is a motrocab driver with little income that is hardly enough for their food, has to work dawn time until evening to get more money for his family. It is so hard for them because one child is in College. For the parents, all their children should be in school, that is why, Lorenz Carlo needs your help for him to continue his studies. Your sponsorship would greatly help him and his family. Thank you for your LOVE!

A monthly donation of $38 OR one-time donation of $456 will help support LORENZ's education and make his dream become reality.

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